Technology Enhanced Learning in Medical Education

Welcome to the Technology Enhanced Learning in Medical Education (TEL-ME) website.

UK General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’ states that graduating medical students must ‘continually and systematically reflect on practice and, whenever necessary, translate that reflection into action’ (2009, p.9). This is critical for high quality doctors, clinical outcomes and patient care.

However, reflection remains problematic in medical education (Hodges, 2015), constraining the opportunities to educate practitioners (Bleakley, 1999). In line with recent studies and commentaries in the literature (for example Bleakley, 1999; 2010; Hodges, 2015 and Ng et al., 2015), reflective practices amongst medical students constitute a mayor problem in need of further definition and investigation. At the same time, because digital technologies can contribute to reconfiguring or changing what learning is and how it is conducted (Säljö, 2010), we are currently investigating the role of digital artefacts and digital projects as mechanisms for brokering reflective practices in medical students.

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